Artist & Designer
Based between London UK and Timișoara RO
Information Experience Design - Royal College of Art, London UK

Currently on view at Zacheta Project Room, Warsaw︎Upcoming ︎︎︎ Solo Show at Borderline Art Space, Iasi (August)︎Duo Residency - Middle Grounds and Dissonances at Aici Acolo, Cluj (August)︎Staycation Group Exhibition - Catinca Tăbăcaru Gallery, Bucharest (December)




Simulation / Installation View / 3D Visualisation

Design and concept by Lera Kelemen.

3D work by Bogdan Mărculescu.

The spatial setting, a fictional landscape filled with architectural elements that concurrently quote the past and hint towards an indeterminate, unlocalisable future. In this fictitious land, the remains of human histories are entangled with those of forgotten or lost worlds that became extinct, or that haven’t been born yet. 

The arcades, engraved marbles, gates and crawling plants as reminisces of ancient times are juxtaposed with digital insertions such as screens or neons, conveying a future in which the boundaries between old and new fade, an environment in which the interaction between entities and species is stratified and no longer dominated by anthropocentric hierarchies.
© Lera Kelemen 2021