Artist & Designer
Based between London UK and Timișoara RO
Information Experience Design - Royal College of Art, London UK

Currently on view at Zacheta Project Room, Warsaw︎Upcoming ︎︎︎ Solo Show at Borderline Art Space, Iasi (August)︎Duo Residency - Middle Grounds and Dissonances at Aici Acolo, Cluj (August)︎Staycation Group Exhibition - Catinca Tăbăcaru Gallery, Bucharest (December)




Installation / 4-ch sound / 1-ch video / metal structure / plaster.
Kunsthalle Bega / April 2019
Curator: Liviana Dan Photo: Adrian Cîtu.

The cabin is built out of four assembled geometrical shapes acting as resonant sound cavities. The speakers, located at equal distances from each other, create a surround sound effect when the user sits inside the cabin.
The audience can interact with it by moving the shapes and observe the different acoustic phenomena create by following a small accompanying guide.
Seeing Time was the opening exhibition of Kunsthalle Bega, in April 2019. The installations presented here were the product of a 4-5 months residency, where 10 emerging artists from Timișoara spent time interacting with the space.

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