Artist & Designer
Based between London UK and Timișoara RO
Information Experience Design - Royal College of Art, London UK

Currently on view at Zacheta Project Room, Warsaw︎Upcoming ︎︎︎ Solo Show at Borderline Art Space, Iasi (August)︎Duo Residency - Middle Grounds and Dissonances at Aici Acolo, Cluj (August)︎Staycation Group Exhibition - Catinca Tăbăcaru Gallery, Bucharest (December)




This video is part of a collaborative project between Buket Yenidogan (3D visuals and animation) and Lera Kelemen (sound design). The work belongs to a broader research which interrogates the relationships between textures in the natural and built environment. The field work consisted in collecting textures, both visual and sonic, from
Hampsted Heath forrest, London, and reinterpreting them into an audiovisual composition.

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