Artist & Designer
Based between London UK and Timișoara RO
Information Experience Design - Royal College of Art, London UK

Currently on view at Zacheta Project Room, Warsaw︎Upcoming ︎︎︎ Solo Show at Borderline Art Space, Iasi (August)︎Duo Residency - Middle Grounds and Dissonances at Aici Acolo, Cluj (August)︎Staycation Group Exhibition - Catinca Tăbăcaru Gallery, Bucharest (December)




Publication / Performance
Graduation group show
Distinguished with the ArtEncounters award July 2018
A meta-comment on artistic practice. The manual represents the instruction code that the artist uses in order to functionalise her space. Using a white, empty space, the instructions trace paths and map the spots in which particular actions take place. The artist becomes thus a double entity, the generator of the regulation code or mechanism and the user/performer of this code.
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